Chanel Iman Ngo Okafor NYC Top Fitness Trainer Testimonial

Chanel Iman

Victoria's Secret Angel & Sports Illustrated Supermodel

"I needed to make a quick change to my body for a photo shoot and Ngo Okafor’s 6-day transformation program gave me the dramatic results that I needed in such a short time. It was amazing!"

Marissa Webb Ngo Okafor Top Fitness Trainer NYC

Marissa Webb

Creative Advisor - Gap Inc./Banana Republic

Founder/President/Creative Director - Marissa Webb Fashion Label

"When I met Ngo Okafor, I was recovering from a devastating shoulder injury and couldn’t raise my arm over my head. Doctors told me that I had a frozen shoulder. Ngo stepped in and with his unique style, fixed my shoulder, which allowed me to regain strength in my upper body. Ngo also showed me new total body strength and conditioning exercises and circuits which have taken my workouts to a new level."

Kahlana Barfield InStyle Ngo Okafor testimonial

Kahlana Barfield

Fashion & Beauty Editor at Large - InStyle Magazine

“Ngo is invested in his clients and truly passionate about helping them reach their goals. I started training with him a year before my wedding, and within six months, I had achieved my goals. I can’t count the amount of times he’s trained me on his day off or stayed late to accommodate my schedule. And on the days when I need extra motivation, he’s always willing to join in and work out with me, even if he already worked out that day. He’s 100 percent committed.”

Adam Glassman Oprah Ngo Okafor Top Fitness Trainer NYC Testimonial

Adam Glassman

Creative Director - O, The Oprah magazine

"Drill sergeant, shrink, and major miracle worker, Ngo Okafor has literally changed my body and my attitude. He’s all about helping me achieve my goals as painlessly as possible. He understands how to stretch me, he’s better than my chiropractor when it comes to getting my back to behave, and he’s actually managed to build biceps and pecs onto my skinny frame. Ngo has taken me from Olive Oyl to Popeye!"


Nikki Ogunnaike Elle Ngo Okafor Testimonial

Nikki Ogunnaike

Fashion Features Director - Elle Magazine &

"If you’re looking for someone to light a fire under your ass to get healthy it’s Ngo. Using a mix of loving encouragement and tough love, Ngo continuously inspires his clients to be strong, better versions of themselves!”

Bethann Hardison Ngo Okafor Trainer Testimonial

Bethann Hardison

Fashion Activist, Documentarian, Supermodel Maker

“For quite a while, I had joint pain that prevented me from working out. Ngo worked with me to alleviate the pain, so that I was able to get back to working out, and motivated me to continue once pain was no longer a factor.” 

Barry H. Berke Ngo Okafor Trainer Testimonial

Barry H. Berke

Partner, Co-Chair, Litigation - Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

I've been training with Ngo for over three years after my wife boxed with him and thought he would be a great trainer for me after I turned 50. In fact, training with Ngo has helped me vastly improve my physical fitness, address chronic injuries, and build up my core strength to prepare for the next 30 years. After first meeting, Ngo came up with a plan to address my lower legs -- which I had injured playing basketball two decades earlier and would otherwise require surgery -- to help me get my weight down and to build up my upper body and core strength. Thanks to Ngo's extraordinary insights and commitment in developing a strategy to achieve all of those goals while working around my busy schedule, I have returned to playing tennis and basketball with no pain, I'm in my best shape since college, and, mostly importantly, I feel like I'm holding my own in slowing the aging process.

Ngo is also an extremely intelligent, intuitive and engaged professional who is as committed to the psychological component of staying in shape so that working out with him has improved my mental as well as physical health. Finally, Ngo is a great guy, which makes spending time with him interesting and fun, even though he limits how often he lets me box with him.