One-on-One Personal Training

Experience the Ngo Effect—the legendary method that has shaped the bodies of countless celebrities and tastemakers. This customized training program is designed around a client’s individual goals and combines training equipment with body-weight movements to achieve results quickly. The Ngo Effect also includes nutritional counseling and monitoring. A complete mind/body experience, the workout also includes Ngo’s celebrated motivational skills, which builds mental toughness.

Duration - 60-minutes or 30-minutes

Small Group Training

Experience Ngo’s method with a friend or team. Groups can be no larger than 6.

Duration - 60-minutes or 30-minutes


Learn from the best. Ngo will teach you his unique training style, which includes a combination of drills and conditioning exercises, while sharing the secrets that helped him become a two-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion.

Duration - 60-minutes or 30-minutes

Stretching and Soft Tissue Therapy

Ngo has created a program of stretching and muscle release, which will aid in the recovery of sore and fatigued muscles.

Duration - 60-minutes or 30-minutes

The 6-Day Total Body Transformation

When you need to lose weight and slim down fast, do what many Hollywood celebrities have done and sign up for Ngo’s exclusive transformation program, which includes a 6-day training week and twice-daily-60-minute workouts, as well as nutritional counseling and monitoring.